Ministry of Fisheries and Forest (MFF)

The Fisheries & Forestry sectors are two important economic sectors for Fiji.

The two sectors are resource based underpinned by the demand for sustainable management and conservation. They also contribute immensely to the food security needs of the national and to the overall fight to reduce poverty.
The Ministry of Fisheries & Forests being the policy setter for the two sectors will continue to ensure in 2013 that policies and their legal frameworks remain relevant, create conducive environment for economic growth and robust enough to accommodate the challenges brought about by emerging global issues like global warming, climate change and sea level rise. This is in addition to the research & development work in areas of aquaculture, inshore fisheries and REDD+.
2013 will certainly be a challenging year for Fisheries & Forests and I can only encourage all staff to continue to work together, diligently with fervour and determination to achieve the targets set out in this 2013 ACP.

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