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Immigration policy
Fijian Immigration Policy
1.Fiji Citizenship

Fiji citizenship can be acquired by:

• Birth

1.Child born in the Fiji Islands on or after the date of commencement of the Citizenship of Fiji Decree 2009

• Registration

1.Children - born outside with parents being Fijian citizen

2.Under 18- adopted by Fijian citizen

3.Under 18- either parents becoming a Fiji Citizen

4.Regain citizenship

5.Regain their Fiji citizenship

• Naturalisation

1.1  Require Fiji Citizenship as a Foreigner through Naturalisation

A foreign national can apply for Fiji citizenship if he or she has been lawfully present in Fiji for a total of five (5) of the ten (10) years immediately before the application is made. With the introduction of Multiple Citizenship, policy applicants do NOT need to renounce their other citizenship.

1.2  Fiji My Second Home Programme

This programme is open to citizens of other countries recognized by Fiji in the “Fiji My Second Home Programme” as administered by the Reserve Bank of Fiji. Once the application has been approved by the Fiji Immigration Department, the applicant will be granted a permit to enter and reside in Fiji and covers all the participant’s dependents.


The programme is open to citizens of all countries recognized by Fiji.

Lodgment of Application

Applications should be made on the form “Application for Permit to Reside” and submitted to the Immigration Department. The form and the checklist for the required documentation are available on the Immigration Department’s Website.

Financial criteria

Participants below 50 years old: Open a fixed deposit account of F$150,000 in a local bank or credit institution for a minimum of two years

Participants over 50 years old: Open a fixed deposit account of F$100,000 in a local bank or credit institution for a minimum of two years

To qualify the applicant must maintain a minimum balance of F$50,000 from the third year onwards and throughout the entire stay in Fiji

Interest gain

Interest income on deposits under the programme is tax free; however, the participants must apply to the Fiji Islands Revenue & Customs Authority (FIRCA) for a Certificate of Exemption. Participants are required to renew every year.

2.Fiji Permits
For more information on permits and the checklist for the require documentation please visit