iTaukei Land Trust Board(TLTB)

The iTaukei Land Trust Board was established in 1940 to administer and control native or itaukei land for the benefit of the iTaukei landowners. As a statutory body administering 91% of Fiji’s total landmass, It is committed to provide and maintain highest standard of land management services to our stakeholders. In providing our services we aim to:

• Support potential internal and external investors on development of iTaukei land

• Issue and administer iTaukei land lease and license contracts

• Enhance new innovations and business opportunities on iTaukei land

• Support local, regional and international treaties and conventions through partnership engagement

• Provide spatial planning and mapping through ArcGIS

• Empower landowners through financial literacy, investment and business advisory as well as on Gov. projects

• Regularly consult with landowners and to provide sound advice to all stakeholders

• Ensure that sufficient iTaukei land is ”reserved” for the use, maintenance and support of its owners

• Control and manage extinct mataqali land

• Collect and distribute premiums, rent and royalties derived from leased land.