CG Invited to Drago Cavallo Exhibition Opening
2023-03-01 319次

On Feb 25, 2023, Drago Cavallo World Tour Exhibition Soft Opening in Shanghai & Consuls General Charity Night for Türkiye was held in Shanghai Gala Bay. The event was organized by famous Hong Kong artist Simon Ma, almost a hundred guests attended the charity dinner including over 20 CGs, VIPs as well as celebrities from Hong Kong and Macao.

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In the opening ceremony, children from all over the world joined together to create  DC Dragon Horse, aiming to convey happiness and love to the world through art, preach a beautiful vision of peace and hope, and pray for the people affected by the earthquake in Türkiye. It is reported that Drago Cavallo has already created a dragon horse craze in Hong Kong, China.

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In her brief opening remarks, Dr. Chan spoke in her capacity as Dean of the Shanghai Diplomatic Corps and thanked Simon Ma and the DC Charity Foundation for organizing this noble initiative to spread peace and love. The Consuls General was very supportive of the timely donation of 1.5 million RMB worth of clothing to the earthquake victims of Türkiye. Many CGs had also donated to the relieving efforts separately. All these kind gestures and generous donations were highly appreciated by the Consulate General of Türkiye on behalf of its government and people.

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Apart from that, Consuls General Charity Night for Türkiye was also held in this exhibition. With the theme of "Donation for the Earthquake Victims in Türkiye", the DC Charity Foundation donated 2,000 brand new pieces of warm clothes to the earthquake victims of Türkiye.