CG Visits Ninghai&Fenghua as Head of Delegation
2023-03-06 418次

The International Economic and Trade Delegation Zhejiang Tour (Ninghai & Fenghua) was successfully concluded on 2 March 2023. Consul General of the Republic of Fiji, Dr.Yok Yee Chan was invited by CCPIT Zhejiang as Head of Delegation in her capacity as Dean of the Shanghai Diplomatic Corps for a three-day business trip. This event aims to facilitate friendly dialogue between the Consulates General in Shanghai and enterprises in their jurisdictions for tapping into potential cooperative opportunities.

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The International Economic and Trade Delegation consisted of diplomatic officials from over 10 countries and several business representatives. The delegation first visited Ningbo Southern Binhai Economic Development Zone, which is located in the North Bank of Sanmen Bay, Zhejiang Province, and is the provincial-level development zone. Later on, the delegation visited several local enterprises and exchanged ideas on business exploration. The trip provided a first-hand experience of the vigorous development of China’s booming county economy. Apart from that, a well-organized tour to the Ten Mile Makeup Culture Park, the National Intangible Cultural Heritage, and Xuedou Mountain, to better understand Chinese culture from the perspective of history and natural heritage.

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During the tour, the delegation was warmly received by Mr.Lin Wei, Vice-Chairman of CCPIT Zhejiang, Mr.Hu Yongguang, Secretary of Party Committee of Ningbo Fenghua District, Ms.Wu Yingying, Deputy Mayor of Fenghua District and Mr.Lou Dingding, Mayor of Ninghai County. Dr. Chan stated that “On behalf of the Shanghai Diplomatic Corps, our heartfelt thanks go to the organizing committee, CCPIT Zhejiang, Ningbo, Ninghai, and Fenghua, as well as other related governmental institutions for your invitation and hospitality extended to the delegation. It is a great opportunity for us to explore the huge business potential in Zhejiang province, which is one of the most economically powerful provinces in China.

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