Fiji Hosted CG Luncheon for Shanghai Diplomatic Corps
2023-02-18 310次

On 17 February 2023, the CG Luncheon for Shanghai Diplomatic Corps was successfully held at La Scala of Sukhothai Shanghai. The event was initiated, organized, and hosted by the Consulate General of the Republic of Fiji in Shanghai. The event received enthusiastic responses and strong support from the Diplomatic Corps in Shanghai, with nearly 50 Consul Generals in attendance. 

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The event commenced with warm welcoming opening remarks by Fiji. The Dean of the Shanghai Diplomatic Corps, Consul General of the Republic of Fiji in Shanghai, Dr.Yok Yee Chan extended sincere appreciation to all the guests. Later on, Dr.Chan cordially invited new CGs from Israel, Korea, and New Zealand and Acting CG from Mexico to deliver their self-introduction and sent farewell wishes to CG Brazil. 

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Following was the detailed introduction of Grand Hotels Media by Ms.Cherry Li, Editor-in-Chief of Grand Hotels Media, and the introduction of the Charitable Program - Drago Cavallo Exhibition by Simon Ma, a famous artist from Hong Kong.

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The CG Luncheon for Shanghai Diplomatic Corps is an indispensable communication platform for diplomatic officials. As the new Dean, Fiji is committed to serving as the bridge for effective communications within diplomatic communities. Apart from that, we expect to call for more social responsibilities taken by the Diplomatic Corps in Shanghai with joint efforts.