CG invited to Mazu Cultural Forum and Tourism Festival
2022-12-19 271次

The 7th Global Mazu Cultural Forum and the 24th China Putian Meizhou Mazu Cultural Tourism Festival were held from 17th to 19th December 2022. The Consul General of the Republic of Fiji in Shanghai, Dr.Yok Yee Chan was invited as guest of honour.


CG at the 7th Global Mazu Cultural Forum

The forum was jointly organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Natural Resources, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Government of the Macao Special Administration Region, and People’s Government of Fujian Province, under the theme of “Passion for Peace and Exchanges among Civilizations”, with guests from 49 countries and regions in attendance.


Opening Ceremony of  the 7th Global Mazu Cultural Forum 

On Sunday Morning, Dr.Yok Yee Chan attended the opening ceremony of the 24th China Putian Meizhou Mazu Cultural Tourism Festival. The grand national intangible cultural heritage –Praying Ceremony for Mazu was held following the opening ceremony.


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Opening Ceremony of the 24th China Putian Meizhou Mazu Cultural Tourism Festival 

The event aimed to establish a global center for Mazu culture, and promote mutual learning among global civilisations. Apart from that, the event served as a bridge in implementing the Belt and Road Initiative by uniting the efforts of the countries and regions along the Maritime Silk Road and people from all walks of life around the world. The stage and platform set by the forum and festival will provide us unprecedented opportunities to tap into the complementarity of Fiji and China’s diverse resources, upgrading cooperation in trade, investment, cultural exchange and tourism cooperation in the future.